Willow in the Snow *

Willow sitting in snow with a snowy nose

What’s this snow stuff then? I’ve never seen it before…

Willow in snow

I like it!

Willow snuggled in blankets

I also like defrosting in front of the wood-burner afterwards…

* With grateful thanks to Dick Bruna for a classic children’s book that gets quoted in our house any time that there’s any of the white stuff around…


2 thoughts on “Willow in the Snow *

  1. Hurrah for Miffy! There’s a great lesson in being grateful for what you’ve got (or at least what you get) in ‘Miffy’s Birthday’. She’s thrilled with her presents – some pencils (about four), a pair of kiddy scissors and I think one other equally thrilling thing. I loved that book though. 🙂 Never had the snow one though.

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