Pavlov’s Dog Likes Ice Cream

Over the summer holidays an ice-cream van has visited our little cul-de-sac once or twice each week. Most times that ‘The Happy Wanderer’ played out in the way that only ice cream vans can one or both children would charge downstairs yelling ‘Mum? Mum? Can we have an ice cream?’ Mostly the answer was yes (“and buy one for me while you’re there”).

I must confess to being partial to a 99, well, most sorts of ice cream actually but if it’s an ice cream van then it has to be a 99. Willow, we have learned, is also partial to soft serve ice cream, either a small dollop on a spoon or squeezed into the bottom little bit of the cone. She eats it very politely though, unlike some dogs. So throughout the holidays we would regularly get an ice-cream from the van and Willow would often get some too.

Today the ice cream man came calling again. Sensibly he waits until after 4pm when most of the children will be home from school. However, Son wasn’t home yet and Daughter has decided she’s on a bit of a health drive at the moment. So as the Happy Wanderer chimed out down the road only one member of the household reacted – Willow. She came charging through the house and up to the front door barking excitedly.

I could put this down to coincidence, however the fact is that it also happened at the weekend. I was out in the garden with Willow and we heard the van’s music. In actual fact he didn’t drive down our road on that occasion but as soon as Willow heard the chimes she rushed back into the house barking.

Looks like Ivan Pavlov was on to something…


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