A Nocturnal Visitor

Willow isn’t allowed upstairs as a rule. Mostly she’s pretty good about it but occasionally she does push her luck; when she does push her luck she does so extremely quietly – she sneaks upstairs very effectively so you can’t hear her.

Last night I was woken up at about midnight by the sound of Willow coming into our room which is pretty unusual. I assumed she was asking to go out so I got up, put a dressing gown on and went downstairs to let her out into the back garden. As we walked through to the kitchen I noticed Cat on the kitchen table. Except Cat is mostly black, not mostly white. And Cat isn’t that big. Or that fluffy.

We try and keep Cat in at night so we set the cat flap to in only – she can get in if she’s out but can’t get out again. Half of the cat flap was sitting on a kitchen chair; it certainly hadn’t been there when we went to bed. And a strange cat was on our kitchen table, panicking and trying to work out how to get out through a window, none of which were open.

He was gorgeous.

I say ‘he’ – he didn’t have the wide face of an un-neutered tom cat but he did have enormous paws so I’m guessing he was a tom. He had a lovely white coat with light grey markings and when I walked up to the table to make a fuss of him it turned out that he was also incredibly affectionate. Cat’s food is kept on the table to stop Willow eating it and he’d finished off what was in the bowl. Being a softie I topped it up with some more food – he was a bit damp and the weather had been foul all evening and into the night. He didn’t seem hungry though, more interested in getting some affection which I was happy to give, as was Husband once I got him out of bed to see what was going on. We opened the back door wide so he could leave, but he wasn’t in a hurry to go.

I would have kept him. Did I mention how gorgeous and affectionate he was?

Willow wasn’t too happy about all the fuss he was getting but every time she came close to him he growled loudly at her. She growled back but in a tone of voice that clearly said, ‘I don’t really understand what’s going on and why you’re here. I woke my folks up so they’d get rid of you, not make a fuss of you.’ Cat wisely decided to stay upstairs, letting everyone else deal with the intruder.

After about fifteen minutes or so, intruder cat realised it wasn’t raining anymore and decided to leave through the still open back door. I promptly locked the cat flap completely; I wouldn’t have minded if he came back but would have preferred it in daylight hours.

Husband and I went back to bed. Cat and Willow took a while to settle down but eventually the whole household was deeply asleep again.
Sleeping Willow.


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