Good news, bad news

Cairn Terrier with step ladder and toolsThe good news:
The vet has given Willow the provisional go-ahead to go out for walks again.

The bad news:
Only for ten minutes twice a day until her next check-up.

The good news:
The act of walking, even for a few minutes, encourages Willow to take a nap afterwards. If she’s napping, she’s not chewing.

More good news:
We’re finally getting our hallway redecorated. Brother-in-law who, like Husband, is a pretty useful chap to have around has done some re-plastering, some painting and is currently fitting new skirting boards.

More bad news:
There are lots of interesting new tools for Willow to run off with and chew, with one notable exception. Willow has developed an intense dislike to the retractable steel tape measure that BIL is using so every time he tries to measure something he does so to a chorus of loud barking and growling. The sponge that he was using on the walls, however, was silently and stealthily taken up to the furthest point of the garden and systematically destroyed.

The good news:
Willow still manages to be very cute, even when she’s being naughty…


3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. Our dog has strange aversions to things too Maggie – his current one is cling film. If we so much as take the cling film box out of the drawer he runs away! Poor Willow, I hope she continues to get better and will soon be back to her usual self!

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