Bored bored bored

So we’re 2½ weeks into Willow’s four week recovery period. On Tuesday she had a check-up with the vet who said she was really pleased with how well she was recovering, her knee-cap was nice and stable in the right place. As a result we’ve halved her daily dose of painkillers and also removed her protective collar.

Ah, the collar; the collar consists of an inflatable inner ring inside a tough outer cover. I had to apologise to the vet that Willow’s was punctured. Apparently this had never happened before. I’m not entirely sure how it was punctured but I think it may have been something to do with Willow getting into a fight with Cat and Cat’s claw getting stuck in the collar.

No, Willow’s not supposed to be fighting Cat. Not even play fighting, which is what this is; well, on Willow’s side it’s play fighting, I’m not sure Cat thinks the same way. The problem is Willow is bored.

Bored, bored, bored, so bored.

Willow with fast-wagging tail

The blur on the left is Willow’s tail wagging at speed!

She’s not allowed out for a walk for at least another ten days, depending on our next visit to the vet. She’s not supposed to jump on anything, run or stand on her hind legs. I’m really pleased that the vet was pleased with her progress because basically we’ve been a bit rubbish at stopping her doing most of these things. In our defence I would have liked to see anyone stop her doing all of those things without keeping her confined to her crate for two weeks. She’s a naturally very energetic dog.

So she’s chased the cat. She’s chased her tail. When we’ve taken her out to the garden to toilet she’s chased herself in big circles on the lawn. If anyone looks as if they’re going to go out of the front door she runs to the door and then sits against it looking sorrowful. This is a dog who is desperate for a walk. She’s also started barking a lot more and I think that’s also a side effect of the boredom.

We’ve given her lots of things to chew. We’ve given her puzzle balls with food inside and a kong with some really smelly food in it. None of them last that long.

So we persevere and hope that the vet is pleased enough with her at the next visit to give us permission to walk her again.


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