A new toy and a good cause

Willow with her Sport Relief dog toys.We’ve been enjoying Sport Relief’s Top Dog daily on BBC2; it’s silly, doesn’t take itself seriously and the dogs and their owners look as if they’re having fun. As yet Willow doesn’t really watch TV although she has shown a little bit of interest in some of the episodes of Top Dog.

Given that it’s for a good cause I sent off for the special Sport Relief Dog Toy, well both of them in fact, and they arrived today. As usual with anything new Willow didn’t really know what to make of them so she settled for growling at them, then barking, then running away. She hasn’t come across squeaky toys before and that confused her further – every time I squeaked one of them she jumped in surprise.
WIllow growling at toy
Eventually she was brave enough to fully investigate, decide that they were harmless and started to play with them. A little bit of her terrier nature even came out as she played tug and then shook the toys to ‘kill’ them, however, she eventually reverted to her default setting – chewing to destruction. Time to replace the toys with a proper chew toy instead.
Willow chewing sport relief dog toy


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