As I said in my previous post, Willow is a cross between a Cairn Terrier and a Pomeranian; she has the body and coat of a terrier, with a Pom’s tail and a face that’s somewhere between the two.

Dog on rug

It’s fairly obvious that she has not been properly socialised as a puppy as she jumps at any strange noise. We brought her home from the fosterers late afternoon on Saturday and she spent a good half hour or so exploring the ground floor of the house, going back and forward through the rooms smelling everything. Unfortunately she soon learned that the kitchen is a source of lots of strange noises – the washing machine, tumble drier, the click of the microwave door, the kettle… and promptly decided that the safest place to be with all these noises was behind the Christmas tree in the living room, wedged into a corner. She stayed there for quite some time and wouldn’t be tempted out until Daughter budged in behind her and gradually ‘budged’ her out. To be fair Willow has adapted really quickly and yesterday decided she could be next to the Christmas tree when she was worried and not behind it.

In the meantime we’d put the blanket that we’d brought from her foster home into her crate and covered the crate with another blanket so it smelt familiar. She soon decided that was an alternative safe place to be. She has gone into the crate overnight both nights and apart from some quiet whimpering for about a minute on the first night she has been really good. This morning when I let her out of the crate I was met with a very energetic ball of fluff who danced all around me and whose tail was going nineteen to the dozen trying to tell me how pleased she was to see me.

The one thing she doesn’t appear to be scared of is people coming into the house. She’s been quite happy to go up and greet the two visitors we have had with a wag of the tail, which is reassuring.

She seems to be quite an intelligent dog. Although she was allowed on the furniture at her foster home she has only tried it a couple of times here and has soon picked up on the fact that she’s not allowed on the sofa. If she wants a fuss one of us will sit on the floor and fuss her, but she’s not allowed up for a fuss. Cat, however, is allowed on the sofa, a fact that Willow is not happy about. She and Cat seem to have reached an uneasy truce. They’ve touched noses a few times and had a good smell of each other; Cat has thumped her once for some impertinent sniffing and Willow has chased Cat once when Cat was daft enough to run away. Willow isn’t allowed upstairs but Cat is so that she’s got a safe zone to retreat to. Everything is fine until someone makes a fuss of Cat, especially if they’re sitting on the floor doing it. Willow may be happy to be bottom dog at least for the time being, but I’m not sure she likes being bottom cat. I’m making sure we keep an eye on them as much as possible but it does seem positive so far and I hope given time they will become much more tolerant of each other.

So that brings the tale up to date. Today both offspring were at school and Husband was out at a meeting. I was working from home and Willow spent the time that I was working curled up in a basket next to my feet, very well behaved. It has been a pretty positive start to Willow’s rehoming but it is still very early days.


3 thoughts on “Willow

  1. So glad she’s settling in well – no surprise that she’s nervous of things for the first few days, but it sounds as though you’re all making progress fast! Hurrah. Glad Cat isn’t taking things too badly – and glad Willow isn’t taking cat too badly either. Touching noses several times sounds very positive within the first 48 hours!

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