Reblogged: 100 Years of Breed “Improvement”

I found this post recently and as it sort of follows on from my previous post I decided to reblog it. I didn’t manage to read all the comments and arguments that followed it as there are a lot, but a very interesting illustration.


4 thoughts on “Reblogged: 100 Years of Breed “Improvement”

  1. I haven’t actually had time to read this but this is something I know about and completely agree with – it’s appalling. However, people that breed dogs and have puppies and the lunatics at kennel clubs etc. are, thankfully, not necessarily the same thing! One thing I know – if I ever had a dog I wouldn’t go for a pedigree of any kind, given a choice – a nice healthy Heinz 57 for me.

    • I did say ‘sort of’ follows on – I’m certainly not implying that all breeders are lunatics! I do think that all the dogs in the older photos look a lot more attractive than their modern counterparts.

    • Yes, I thought so. I also found it very interesting from another source that Pomeranian dogs which currently weigh less than 8lbs were originally a 30lb sized dog that has progressively been bred smaller and smaller over the last 300 years. You wouldn’t have wanted one of the original ones as a lap dog!

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